Monday, March 14, 2016

Long Live 3 Stripes

Missed out on your chance to grab the previous NMD?  Don’t worry, because It's going to be a huge weekend for the Three Stripes as Adidas will be drop some new color block of the NMD series! by now you’re probably thirsting for more of adidas’ hottest new silhouette this time with a bold graphic across the shoes.
The NMD series is created from a courageous combination of shapes, angles and materials, all built on an iconic colour blocked structure, paying tribute to modern engineering. The exaggerated silhouette features a contemporary upper construction teamed with bold archival details which showcase the dynamic concept. 

The trainers midsole has been raised with durable, shock resistant and responsive boost technology whilst the upper exploits the integrity of Primeknit, helping to achieve new levels of flexibility, stability and strength. 

Ps: The new NMD series will be coming to Europe and Asia on March 17th; US in May.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Timeless Watches: Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington, when you hearing this name the thing who popped out from your mind is a luxury watches with classical designed, yes they are! Since their launch, Daniel Wellington has quickly established a name for themselves as one of Sweden’s most popular watch brands – receiving wide acclaim from top fashion magazines, experts and blogs. Focus on timeless, minimal pieces that are both functional and fashionable. 

Presenting an outstanding looking model suitable for every occasion, from a relaxed beachside cocktail party to black tie events, Daniel Wellington delivers a classic watch with sleek design: the lightweight, super slim 6 mm case is available in both silver or rose gold, with matching batons and hands over an eggshell dial. A generous 40mm case gives it an imposing character and there’s a wide array of bracelets available, from genuine leather to colorful nato straps. 

Daniel Wellington breathes a timeless fashion and have a genuine interest when it comes to watches. Undeniably inspired by a preppy aesthetic, the Swedish brand draws its name from a great friend of its founder Filip Tysander, who had a thing for wearing Rolexes with his old army Nato Straps. A truly classic timepiece with its preppy look, the Daniel Wellington watch is thin, I agree with their description in that it is elegant and would be suitable for every occasion. This watch is for people looking for something understated and classy. Its classic design will stand the test of time. 
Overall I’m a fan. The Daniel Wellington watch is timeless, trendy and classy and the whole strap thing will get me every time. Its simplicity makes it appealing and it’s as noticeable as you want it to be.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Into The Moon.

Moonman, koleksi terbaru yang baru saja dirilis oleh Hunted inc berhasil membius para pecinta fashion di tanah air melalui koleksi nya. Muncul dengan mengaungkan nama Hunted yang  memiliki filosofi dan arti agar produk yang dihasilkan selalu diburu dan dicari oleh para pecintanya maka Hunted terus melakukan inovasi di setiap koleksinya, yang dapat terlihat dalam koleksi terbarunya "Moonman". 

Dalam koleksi yang diluncurkan kali ini, Hunted inc tetap konsisten dalam meghasilkan rancangan yang minimalis, edgy dan selalu menampilkan kesan street style sebagai benang merah dari setiap koleksinya. Melalui warna black and white yang menjadi warna utama dalam koleksi bertema Moonman, maka Hunted inc menuangkan nya dalam suguhan busana yang ditujukan untuk pria dan wanita dalam busana casual dengan konsep sporty, edgy dan chic menjadi salah satu pesan yang disampaikan dalam koleksi Moonman. 

Brand yang muncul sejak pertengahan tahun 2014 melalui tangan dingin Rio dewanto dan 3 orang kerabatnya ini, terus berinovasi agar Hunted Inc dapat tetap eksis dan semakin dikenal baik di dalam negeri maupun luar negeri. Keseluruhan produk dari Hunted inc bisa didapatkan secara online atau melalui official store dari Hunted inc yang terletak di jalan panglima polim, Jakarta.

Jl. Panglima Polim IX no.15 Jakarta Selatan.