Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mazda Fashion Street

Have you seen a fashion show on the street? 

I mean literally on the street? Then you have to see this one, the most phenomenal fashion show (I've ever seen) was happened at Senayan city, Jakarta on October 31st. The street really got fashionable by Mazda Fashion Street, it was an amazing event who made me mesmerized and speechless because all the models literally walking down from the stage and pose at the street.

All the models wearing collections by 7 Young and Vibrant designers: KLE, IDENTITE, JII, Alex{A}Lexa, HUNTING FIELDS, CIEL and 8ERI In the fashion show, they displays their unique design with a style, similar with the new Mazda2 SkyActiv who also enter the sub-compact hatchback market with a style.

It was a night with a lots of people come to see this indescribable fashion show, and no one would forget any time soon. You had to be there to believe it. One thing i regret that i couldn't post some images of men'swear collection that i captured during the show, because the images was blurred since there's no single space to shoot a best picture when the male models hit the runway, and the venue is packed with people. Overall it was a spectacular warm up for the week ahead. Mazda again create a breakthrough, and this time creative industries in fashion become Mazda’s newest partner in creating a revolution.

For more details about the event and the new Mazda2, kindly visit their official website: