Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Stripes

When I received this striped t-shirt from Uniqlo Indonesia, I was actually a tiny bit afraid of how to wear it. But I love the challenges and I am not afraid to experiment and turn the 'casually-looking' items into an integral composition with its own spirit. So I did it. Here is my striped Uniqlo Tshirt, combined with dark navy medium pants and white Adidas sneakers on my feet.

For me, stripes are not just a continuation of a simple, soulless, line. In fact, stripes are a sort of fashion statement you need for the summer. Stripes have their own vibe and spirit no other print could ever get. So, if you, still wonder what to wear for your summer #OOTD, then you'd better go for the Stripes!

 On the picture, I am wearing Uniqlo Washed Stripe Crew Neck Tshirt, Pants by The Executive.