Wednesday, December 10, 2014

British Vibes

Paxton London, a new fresh local brand just whipping their tail in here (Indonesia). Based in Jakarta, Paxton London recently released several polo shirt collection from their first collection in 2014 edition. This collection of Paxton London offers quite a colorful polo shirt, such as Red, White, Green, Clark blue, Grey, Navy blue, Brown durham, Black, White and many more. The price for this collection is around IDR 399.000. As they said "Paxton London offers luxury look that is affordable and made to portray a classic look individually". 

Paxton London tend to keep everything simple in classy way, by enjoying the main aspect of this and by being good. They produce a very unique garment out of the finest cotton. Therefore the quality is just awesome. For your information, Paxton London is donating 2% of all purchase to support children's education and all donations will be made to Indonesian Education Organization.

Being good refers to good quality, good personality, and a good approach. For more information and how to purchase their products, simply visit their website.

Instagram: paxtonlondon